What they’re saying

Rob was great…skills I’m still using eleven years later.

                                                                           Tom McBurney

                                      President – Urban Landmark Reality Inc.

 Surpassed all of our expectations … Rob opened our minds. The many elements I learned … [are] skills I still possess and utilize every day in my career

Jakub Pazera

Senior Animator Guru Studios

Rob’s a genius.

                                                                                       Sue Silva

                                             Working mom – workshop attendee

This insight means so much.

                                                                             Whitney F.

                                                                           Georgian College

An amazing keynote speech from content to delivery. Thank you.

                                                                                       Niki Shi

                                                              Canadian Red Cross

The workshop was AWESOME!

                                                                              Wanda Parsons

                                                     Youth Employment Services

Change nothing – awesome presentation.

                                               Naomi A.

                                                                Confederation College

Terrific – very engaging, great

                                                                                      Sarah S.

                                            McMaster Occupational Therapy

Fabulous Presentation! Thanks.

                                                                          Kaitlin H.

                                            McMaster Occupational Therapy

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