On my birthday I sat down, as I usually do, and spent some time with my goals: Heath, finance, relationships, creative projects etc. a bit more detail HERE

A few weeks later, I had changed NOTHING. That voice in my head, the one who sounds like a drill sergeant, yells “YOU JUST DON’T WANT IT BADLY ENOUGH!”. I realized he was right. I don’t want it badly enough, I’m not lazy, or unmotivated, or unclear, I’m…wait for it…HAPPY.

It was a life changing moment. That was a month ago. Interestingly enough, since that day, I’ve maintained an exercise program and dropped some weight, finished a rough draft of my next book, and launched a new seminar.

There’s something powerful about knowing that I’m working from a place of contentment.

Before you head out on any life changes, great or small, ask yourself how badly you want it, and listen to the answer.

I’m making small, but effective changes that are paying off. Life is good and I’m working to make it better. This for me (at this point) is authentic and it’s working for me.

A very sleepy but sincere thank you.

Not my most flattering video, but here it is. Thank you to everyone who made last night’s launch of GET YOUR SHIP TOGETHER – A Pirate’s Guide To Gettin’ Yer Goald such a huge success.

I’ll get some video up soon, in the meantime, check out the contest, seriously, it’ll knock yer socks on. CONTEST DETAILS

Apparently I was very Tweetable.  Now I just need to figure out how to get that up and running.