We hear a lot about getting clear on our goals and I’m a huge fan of it, but there’s something even more important in regard to moving toward the life you should be leading.

What’s behind your goal?

Why do you want what you want?

Let me explain.

We’re a pretty emotional species. We make our decisions emotionally and then justify them by logic (sometimes we don’t even justify them very well). We set goals for the same reason.

Let’s take money as an example, it’s on most people’s “Things I want more of” list.

WHY? Why do you want more money? I’m serious about this.

There’s always an emotional answer to this question.

Do you believe more money will make you: Happy, Powerful, Loved, Important, Safe, sexy, Free, etc. etc.

The emotion behind the goal is your real goal.

Get clear on what’s behind the goal, and you tap into the emotional power that will drive you toward it. You might also find there’s an easier, more direct route to your real goal.


On my birthday I sat down, as I usually do, and spent some time with my goals: Heath, finance, relationships, creative projects etc. a bit more detail HERE

A few weeks later, I had changed NOTHING. That voice in my head, the one who sounds like a drill sergeant, yells “YOU JUST DON’T WANT IT BADLY ENOUGH!”. I realized he was right. I don’t want it badly enough, I’m not lazy, or unmotivated, or unclear, I’m…wait for it…HAPPY.

It was a life changing moment. That was a month ago. Interestingly enough, since that day, I’ve maintained an exercise program and dropped some weight, finished a rough draft of my next book, and launched a new seminar.

There’s something powerful about knowing that I’m working from a place of contentment.

Before you head out on any life changes, great or small, ask yourself how badly you want it, and listen to the answer.

I’m making small, but effective changes that are paying off. Life is good and I’m working to make it better. This for me (at this point) is authentic and it’s working for me.

A Foggy Day In Blog Town

Sometimes our goals and the route to them is clear, more often than not, there’s something in the way. We can stand in the fog waiting for the entire route to become clear or we can start moving forward, as we do, a little more of the path keeps revealing itself.

If we sit around waiting for the entire path to get clear, we’re going to have a long wait and we’re going to be late. Get moving, the path will reveal itself as we walk it.

GET YOUR SHIP TOGETHER – notes from the launch


Notes from September 19th launch of


A Pirate’s Guide To Getting’ Yer Goald

Getting your goald needs four things.

You have to know where you are.

You have to know where you’re going.

You have to find your route.

You have to start moving.


Know your strengths.

We have a tendency to discount our strengths, there’s a false sense of humility but also, it’s easy to dismiss what comes easily and if we’re good at it, it’s easy for us.

Pay attention to the times when people around you just can’t seem to get it. There’s nothing wrong with them, you’re just working in an area where you’re strong.

You can also ask people you trust; they are often more aware of our strengths than we are.


Before you do anything, get clear on the emotional reasons behind your goals. WHY do you want the thing(s) you want? This is the wind in your sails. What is the emotional drive that pushes you forward? You may also find there’s a way to that emotional end that’s clearer and simpler than you imagined.

If you’re not sure about where you want to go, then consider the possibility that you might just be happy, but have fallen victim to the incessant stream of babble trying to convince you that you can’t be happy without buying their product. If you’re happy and you know it, then be happy and know it.

If you need to do a little exploring to find out what you want then give yourself permission to do that. If that’s a problem, then come see me, I’ll give you permission.

If you know what you want, but are afraid, then be afraid and start moving. Nothing decreases fear faster than forward motion.

If it seems too big, you’re right. You can’t write that book, build that house, make that journey. No one can. But you can write one paragraph, lay one brick and take one step. No one ever accomplishes great things. They accomplish small things consistently.

IF YOU HAVE TOO MANY GOALS…the plague of creative minds:

You can do a LOT of things in your life, but you can’t do them all at once. Choose ONE!

Clear everything that isn’t yours. Let other people live their own goals. “Sensible” and “Realistic” are illusions, they don’t really exist.

Still too many options, do several of them have the same underlying theme or can be combined?

Still too many options, can’t choose? Clear out one from the bottom, then another, then another. (Also a great way to sort out priorities).

Still have more than one option? JUST CHOOSE. Throw a dart, pick a card or go with “mo” as in Einy Meany Miny Mo.

Then stick with it. There will be problems and doubts, but if you change course you’ll spend your life going round in circles – it feels like you’re accomplishing a lot but you’re getting nowhere. Trust me on this.


Do your homework, ask people who have gone before you, but in the end, trust your intuition, your guts, your subconscious. It takes practice, but it’s simple.

  • Ask a clear positive question. Ask how you can find love, not why you can’t find love. Ask how you can live in abundance not why you’re broke.
  • Then stop thinking about it. Go do something that sets your mind free, dance a jig, play, go for a walk, or (my personal favourite) sleep.
  • The answers will come, not always immediately, but they will and they will surprise you.


The learning is in the doing. If you’re afraid of moving in the wrong direction, start moving. You won’t know if it’s the wrong direction until you start moving.


You’re going to run into problems, sorry.

Doubts will form walls that look unpassable. The straights of Yabut. Yah, but I’m too old, Yah but I’m too young, Yah but they don’t know me, Yah but I’m not sure…you get the picture. Keep moving. This voice never shuts up. Keep moving. You get better at ignoring it.

Finally, you will run into storms, the prow of your boat is designed to face those storms head on. If you run from them, or ignore them, when they finally catch up to you, they’ll be more intense, you’ll be exhausted, and you’re in the storm longer. Face it and get out the other side as quickly as possible.

Thanks for reading this, but the real learning is in the doing, stop reading and start moving.