We hear a lot about getting clear on our goals and I’m a huge fan of it, but there’s something even more important in regard to moving toward the life you should be leading.

What’s behind your goal?

Why do you want what you want?

Let me explain.

We’re a pretty emotional species. We make our decisions emotionally and then justify them by logic (sometimes we don’t even justify them very well). We set goals for the same reason.

Let’s take money as an example, it’s on most people’s “Things I want more of” list.

WHY? Why do you want more money? I’m serious about this.

There’s always an emotional answer to this question.

Do you believe more money will make you: Happy, Powerful, Loved, Important, Safe, sexy, Free, etc. etc.

The emotion behind the goal is your real goal.

Get clear on what’s behind the goal, and you tap into the emotional power that will drive you toward it. You might also find there’s an easier, more direct route to your real goal.

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